The Secret World of the 120ADVERTISING Graphic Designers

The Secret World of the 120ADVERTISING Graphic Designers

Posted by: 120 Advertising

At 120ADVERTISING we pride ourselves on creatives and visuals that can easily compete with some of the best out there. We build visual identities, develop brands, create logos and the list goes on but there is so much more to graphic design than delivering a visual; every pixel tells a story and every story comes from a journey of research and inspiration. Our amazing creative team are now ready to share their secret world of graphic design with you, which probably never crossed your mind!

We Learn Unexpected Things All the Time

Everytime we begin working on a brand we are exposed to a whole new set of ideas surrounding the product/ service, the brand, its country of origin, culture and every element linked to it. For example our research for creating the AGORA brand taught us about a little old object in Cyprus called the ‘tsestos’ we had seen this little tray hanging in some traditional restaurants around the city, but we never knew what it really was until we encountered it in our research to create a new logo for Limassol’s municipal market. The ‘testos’ became the inspiration behind one of the initial logos we designed. Even though the final logo took a different direction, the knowledge we learnt from our research paved the way to the optimum result and the decision that there was no symbol more iconic than the infrastructure of the AGORA doors themselves.

Sometimes Art Imitates Life

In our creatives, sometimes we use the story behind the brand and sometimes we are inspired by the actual products/ services and make them front and centre in the design. For example when working with ECCOⓇ shoes, we decided to use the shape of the shoes, their colour, texture and the material they are made of to guide our visual direction. So, while some say life imitates art sometimes we draw art from life.

We Get Some Awesome Freebies

At 120ADVERTISING we get the opportunity to work with many different brands, to express the visual identity of a product we must experience it first. This basically means we get invited for free test runs. For example we had an amazing taster menu at Roddy Damalis’ restaurant ‘Ta Piatakia’ which set off our creative engines. We translated the flavours and experience into a creative expression of Roddy Damalis and his food adventures.

Everyone Thinks We are Magicians

This may be true for every profession, but people certainly do misunderstand the effort that goes behind making ‘just’ a creative. If it was simply picking stock photos, then anyone would be able to do it. It’s not always easy when we’re stacked-up and people are asking for “just a quick social media post” Gheeeez! Luckily 120’s founder Loucas Stylianou started off as a graphic designer and he sees our point of view: quality over quantity every time.

It’s Not Just About Talent

It’s all swell when people think we are talented but it’s not just talent that leads to effective marketing, branding and the creation of visual identity. It’s skill, understanding the industry, understanding the product/ service and working hard to ensuring that you are delivering the right positioning in every creative. Talent can create a beautiful canvas - talent alone, however, does not lead to a memorable logo.

If you are looking to build a brand identity, change-up your logo, refresh your visuals or build a memorable website - we are ready to get working on achieving whatever your heart desires. Contact us today at